The Depths

In-Game Command: /warp Depths

What was The Depths?

The Depths was an intense game where players must venture deep into the abyss, battling fierce enemies and collecting valuable loot along the way. As players progress through each level, they must navigate the maze-like tunnels, while fending off relentless attacks from dangerous mobs that want nothing more than to kill you. Each level brings new challenges and tougher enemies, forcing players to constantly adapt and improve their skills. To succeed in The Depths, players must utilise a wide range of weapons and abilities, strategically selecting the best tools for each situation. The player can only hope that they have what it takes to reach the end of the Depths and leave victorious.
The Depths Trader is an NPC located just next to the entrance to The Depths at /warp Depths. The trader accepts: Depths Keys and Depths Passes in return for rewards keys as the depths winds down. This will be removed on Friday 8th September at 12:00.