Chest Shops

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What are Chest Shops?

Chest Shops are the best way to buy and sell large amounts of items on the server, especially when you have a Player Warp for people to visit and use those shops. These shops support all items on the server, including custom items here on CYT!

There is a 15% tax on all shop transactions, a Β£10 fee to create a shop, and a Β£50 fee to change the price of an existing shop.

Knowing Prices

Trying to think of what to sell an item for? It's difficult, so we made a custom plugin that averages prices out.

Holding an item If you're wanting to sell an item that you're holding, simply type /iworth hand and the plugin will return the average price of it. If it hasn't been sold before, this sadly won't be of any help.

Want to search? No problem. This plugin also has a search feature! Simply type /iworth search <item-name> This works with custom items, crate keys, basically everything.

Want to just look at every item ever sold? No problem. Simply type /iworth all and there you go!

How does it work? It takes all sales of all items from both Auction House and Chest Shops and averages it out.

How to make a Chest Shop

You will need:

  • A Chest/Barrel

  • One or more of the items you wish to buy/sell


  1. Place a chest where you want your shop to be

  2. Crouch and punch the chest with the item you wish to sell/buy

  3. Type how much you intend to sell/buy for

  4. (If Selling) Put at least one of the items you want to sell in the chest

  5. (Optional) To change from selling to buying (or vice-versa), right-click the shop sign and click the messages to change the settings.

Chest Shop Commands
  • /qs price [price] - Set the price of your shop. (Whilst looking at the sign)

  • /qs amount [amount] - Set the amount of items to sell/buy. (Whilst looking at the sign)

  • /qs buy|sell - Change the shop to sell/buy mode. (Whilst looking at the sign)

  • /qs item - Change the shop to sell/buy the item you are holding. (Whilst looking at the sign)

  • /qs staff add|clear|del|list [player] - Shop staff management. (Whilst looking at the sign)

  • /qs find [item] - Find a shop selling an item.

  • /qs transfer [player] - Transfer all of your shops to a player.

  • /qs toggledisplay - Disable/Enable item display.

Buying/Selling to a Chest Shop

To interact with a chest shop, punch the shop sign and input in chat the amount you would wish to buy/sell of that item.

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