In-Game Command: /warp crates

Crates are a great way of earning money on Towny!

CrateHow to Obtain Keys

Event Crate

Obtainable through the /store or from the Seasonal Event at the time - (used only during seasonal events, such as Easter)

Mango Crate

Obtainable through the /store - keys can also be obtaned through other crates

Reward Crate

Obtainable from Vote Crates, Pinata Pouches, VoteParty Pouches, Fishing Tournaments and Tournaments to name a few!

Vote Crate

Obtainable from Voting

What are the crate rewards?

Punch the crates in-game at /warp crates to view the possible rewards!

You can also visit /warp CratesArchive to see past seasonal crates!

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