What is marriage?

Marriage is a purely ceremonial in-game event triggered by players in our church or in their own building.

How do you get married?

To get married, you need two players and a Priest (all must be within 20 blocks of each other). The priest should then run /marry <player1> <player2> and then needs to select the positions where player1 and player2 will stand by typing /marry init pos1 and /marry init pos2 . The Priest will then be instructed to repeat a short script and the players to marry will have to say 'I do' or 'I do not' when prompted.

How do you become a Priest?

To become a Priest, you need to be an Obsidian (Towny) or Dolphin (SMP) rank member. You can then head to /warp church and speak to the Priest on the left to be sworn in.

Perks & Commands

Priest Commands

/marry <player1> <player2> - Initiate a marriage

/marry init pos1 - Sets the position for player1 to stand during a marriage

/marry init pos2 - Sets the position for player2 to stand during a marriage

Married Player Commands & Perks

/marry vault - Opens shared player vault

/marry divorce - Divorce your spouse

/marry tp - Teleport to your spouse (no confirmations needed)

/marry gift - Gift the item in your hand to your spouse

Kissing - Sneak and right-click your spouse to kiss

Regeneration 1 when in 10 block radius of each other

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