Armour Stand Editor

In-Game Command: Right click with flint

What is Armour Stand Editor?

Here on CYT, we want you to explore your creativity, and you can do exactly that with this plugin!

To get started, place an Armour Stand on the ground and hold a flint in your hand. Look away from the armour stand and right click. In doing so, a GUI is shown that lists a bunch of ways to edit your armour stand.

Some of the key features, such as making the arms visible, removing the base plate and toggling the visibility of the armour stand can be found on the right hand side. In the center, you will find options on which part of the armour stand to move. On the left hand side, you can find premade poses as well as save custom poses for future use. Lastly, on the top row, there are options as to how you want to move the armour stand, using either right or left click. The only limit is your imagination!

If you have multiple armour stands bunched together, and you cannot seem to make the right one move, you can press the key used to toggle between your main and offhand, which will switch which armour stand you are editing!

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