What are Teleporters?

Teleporters are a new form of transport that changes how your town memebers get around. Gone are the days of remembering the names to all the outposts and locations your town owns .


Teleporters can be unlocked in the CYG recipe book ( /cyg) for 15,000XP.

Crafting Recipe

Using the Teleporters

Teleporters are used by simply pressing Space while standing on one.

Below is more information on placing and setting up a Teleporter.

  • Teleporters must be placed in a town (or nation)

  • Teleporters must be in a town for the teleport to work

  • Multiple teleporters can go to the same location

  • Right click on Teleport A, Then Teleporter B to setup entry/exit points, you have to do this twice if you want to make a back and forth elevator

  • Cancel linking by clicking on the same teleporter

  • Teleporters can be linked across worlds and have no max range

  • Requires towny build permission to place

  • Requires towny switch permission to link

  • Requires towny item use permission to use

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