Player Warps

In-Game Command: /pw & /pw help

What are Player Warps?

Player Warps, commonly known as pwarp or PW, are player-made warps which allows other players to teleport to the location. Player Warps can be created for free using /pw set <name>. Make sure you are standing at the block you want your Player Warp spawn to be! Successfully-made Player Warps will appear in /pw.

Everyone gets 1 player warp.

If you're inactive for 14 days your warp will be deleted.

Player Warp Commands

Useful commands for your Player Warp:

  • /pw desc set/remove <warp> <description> - Set/remove descriptions (this uses legacy '&' formatting)

  • /pw icon set/remove <warp> - Set/remove icon - will use the item you are holding in your hand

  • /pw rename <warp> <newname> - Rename your warp (costs: ยฃ2500)

  • /pw ban set/remove <warp> <player> - Ban/remove a banned player from your Player Warp

  • /pw rate <warp> <1-5> - Give a Player Warp a rating between 1 to 5 stars

  • /pw reset <warp> - Changes (re-sets not reset) the player warp location

  • /pw lock \warp> - Locks/unlocks Player Warp access

  • /pw password <set/remove> <warp> <password> - Set/remove a password for accessing a Player Warp

Note: Adding \n into a chunk of text will move the following text to a new line, for example, typing, โ€œCome visit my playerwarp!\nWe sell everything you need!โ€ will appear in the PW menu as:

Come visit my playerwarp!

We sell everything you need!

For more help on PW commands, you can type /pw help in-game!

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