Toby the Trader

In-game Command: /warp trader

Who is Toby the Trader?

Toby the Trader is an NPC at spawn who will help you with all your Token related needs. He allows you to exchange mob drops, animal drops, mining drops and farming drops for tokens. Tokens can be used to purchase enchantments and claim blocks.

How does Toby's Enchantment Trades work?

After the servers daily reboot, Toby will have 7 new enchantment books for sale that players can buy with tokens. These enchantments can range from vanilla max but can also go above the vanilla max (Enchantment Cap). The more the enchantment book goes above the vanilla's maximum level, the more tokens you will need to purchase the book.

All books have a stock of 3 after they reset at midnight (12am) BST/GMT (depending on whether daylight saving is in effect). Ensure you are early to ensure you get the books you need!

How does Toby's claimblock and misc section work?

You can also purchase claimblocks and misc items from Toby the Trader, unlike his enchantment trades, they are unlimited and set at a fixed rate. You can view those by heading to /warp Trader, and clicking 'My Store' -> Purchase Claim Blocks or Miscellaneous.

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