In-Game Command: /jobsinfo

What are Jobs?

Jobs are one of the many ways to earn money on CYT. The list of jobs can be viewed by typing /jobs.

What are the different Jobs I can do?

The different jobs that you can join and earn money/job XP from are:

  • Miner

  • Excavator

  • Woodcutter

  • Hunter

  • Farmer (Coming Soon)

  • Mage (Coming Soon)

How do I do my Job?

Check your /jobs info to see what you can do within your job and what pays the best - this could include breaking blocks, crafting items, killing mobs, harvesting crops and more. You can do your job anywhere in the Towny worlds. Any XP earned from your job will be automatically granted though to claim income from your job, visit the /warp Bank and talk to the Jobs NPC!

What is the Money and XP Limit?

From when you begin actions of your joined jobs, a limit is set. For money, this is Β£25,000 per 24 hours and for Jobs XP, this is 20,000 per 24 hours. Check this limit and whether or not you are close it to by typing /jobs limit.

How many Jobs can I have?

All players start with a max of 1 job, you can increase this by ranking up. Check out /ranks for more info.

How do I leave a Job?

To leave a job, type /jobs leave <job name> or to leave all joined jobs, type /jobs leaveall.

Leaving a job will result in 60% of your levels in that job being lost! For example, if you are Level 100 in Miner job and decide to leave the Miner job, if you join back, you will now only be Level 40 in Miner.

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