In-Game Command: /mcmmo

What is mcMMO?

One of the features of CYT is mcMMO, which is a plugin that gives you extra abilities for doing different skills. For a better understanding of the plugin and all its features, we have made a GUI that explains each skill and how increasing your level will give you extra abilities within that skill. By clicking on each skill in the GUI, you will get a bunch of information regarding your ability within that skill, and all the features of each skill and at what level you obtain it is also explained. If you right click on a skill, a leaderboard within that skill is shown instead, which tells you who’s in the lead and how many mcMMO levels they have within that skill.

What are mcMMO Credits?

In mcMMO, you can apply Credits to your skills to level them up. One credit equals one level, and in case you wanted to sell them or give them to someone else, you can withdraw them from your balance into physical form, by opening the /mcmmo GUI, clicking on “Use your mcMMO Credits” and then clicking on “Withdraw Credits”. In the GUI, you can also apply your credits in your balance to specific skills, which are done by choosing which skill to apply them to, and then choosing to add up to 50 credits at a time, depending on how many you have in your balance.

For more information on this feature, check out this site on all things mcMMO!

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