Q: How do I join a town? A: Click here or type /findatown in-game
Q: How do I make money? A: Check /features - each feature shown displays if money can be earnt
Q: How do I join a Job? A: You can type /job join [job type] or have a look at /jobsinfo for more info.
Q: How do I make a town? A: Click here
Q: How do I get back to my town? A: You can type /t spawn to return to your town spawn!
Q: What are the custom fish? A: Our custom fish are a part of a plugin that allows you to earn money and upgrade your fishing skills! Type /fish menu or crouch and right click your fishing rod for more info!
Q: What is Entropy? A: Entropy is a currency used to craft augments in /fish augments. It can be obtained from fishing and gutting custom fishes in /fish gut!
Q: How do I find Fossils, and what are they? A: You can find Dirty Fossils by mining, and clean at /warp Archaeologist! Once cleaned, you can discover what type it is by right clicking the Clean Fossil, and then add it to your Fossil Collection for rewards per collection completed!
Q: What is the Bank? A: The Bank is a place where you store your money to earn interest on it! You can upgrade your bank to store more money and earn a higher interest! You also claim the money you earned from your Job at /warp Bank!
Q: How do I upgrade/repair enchantments, and how do I get Ancient Coins? A: You can upgrade and repair your enchanted books at /warp Wizard using Ancient coins, which are found by digging! You will also find Fragments of Ancient Coins, which you can trade for a full coin at /warp Trading!
Q: How do I gain XP? A: To gain XP, you can kill mobs or participate in Envoys, Tasks, Voting, Vote Parties, Piñata Parties and open Reward Crate Keys for XP Pouches, or buy them from other players!
Q: How do I sell things? A: You can sell your items in the Auction House, accessed by typing /ah, or open up a player shop by crouching and punching a chest/barrel! Alternatively, you can message in #marketplace on our Discord! Additionally, you can create chat auctions by doing /auction sell <startbid>.
Q: How can I get Crate Keys? A: Gaining keys depends on the Crate, but you can participate in server activities such as Envoys, Tournaments or by voting, or if you’re looking for a Mango or Clover key, it might be worth having a look at our Store!
Q: How do I see my rank permissions, and where do I rank up? A: You can check /ranks to see when you gain access to certain perks, and to see whether you meet the requirements for ranking up!
Q: How do I find the Store? A: You can find our server store by typing /store in-game, or by going to https://store.craftyourtown.com/
Q: How do I apply for Staff? A: https://craftyourtown.com/apply
Q: How do I join the Discord? A: You can join the Discord by typing /discord in-game and clicking on the link, or using https://discord.gg/cyt
Q: I need help, how do I make a ticket? A: You can always contact online Staff when you’re in-game for general support, or you can create a ticket in our Discord by clicking on “Open a ticket” in the #create-a-ticket channel!
Q: How do I vote and join VoteParties? A: You can vote by typing /v in-game and typing your username in each link (remember to type your name as shown on the tablist)! Then stay online to join our VoteParties for every 75 votes!