Find a Town

If you're new to the server or just looking for a change, there's a few options you have to find a town to join.

Option 1: Town RTP


/town rtp - teleport to a random plot.
/town rtp -ignore - teleport without a cost warning.
/town rtp -autojoin - auto join the town while you teleport to it.

This option will teleport you to a town that fits the following criteria:

  • You are not an outlaw of the town

  • The town is public

  • The town is open to join

  • The town has a plot free for you to claim (as that's where it will teleport you)

For town mayors: Should you meet the above criteria, you'll automatically be added to the random teleport pool

You can then type /town join <town name> followed by /plot claim to claim the plot you were teleported on to if you like the look of the town.

Option 2: Look through open towns manually

Command: /opentowns

If you don't fancy the random selector, you can always opt to look at towns yourself, after all nobody knows what you want better than you.

Type /opentowns to view a list of all of the server's available open towns. You can then do /town spawn <town> for each of them to check them out.

Option 3: Check the Discord Server

Command: /discord

A lot of towns are advertised in our discord as a way to attract new members, check out our #towny-recruiting channel for any you like the look of.

The towns shown here do not have to be open so you may not be able to teleport or view them immediately. Messaging the OP may be required.

Option 4: Ask in the Server Chat

If all else fails or you prefer this method, go ahead - we won't judge.

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