Creating a Town

How to make your Town


£2500 Cash (to make the town) Around £5000-10000 extra cash for claiming land and initial upkeep

Step 1: Making the town

Stand where you want the town spawn to be, and type /t new <town name> (spaces are allowed, but they'll be replaced by underscores once submitted)

Towns must be at least 12 chunks away from each other or you will be unable to create your town. This also affects creating outposts and claiming land.

Step 2: Funding your town

You've created your town, but now we need to fund it to make sure it doesn't go bankrupt! Do /t deposit <amount> - we recommend around £7500-£10000 to get started.

This is important because your town will need to pay daily upkeep based on the amount of members in the town.

Daily Upkeep is taken at a certain time daily, you can do /towny time to see a countdown. Money in the town bank is also used for buying claim blocks and claiming chunks.

Step 3: Claiming land

Land is done on a chunk basis, to see the chunk visualiser, press F3+G (or CMD+F3+G on Mac). You can claim as many chunks as your "Town Size: 1/X" shows in /t. You will already have 1 claimed as that is the homeblock.

To claim, stand in a chunk next to the one you've just claimed (your home block). You have to claim chunks that are already directly connected to your town unless you're making an outpost (a town claim away from your main town area, as explained in Step 4).

Simply type /t claim in the chunk you're in to claim it (this will cost £250 to do each time), and repeat this as many times as you like.

If you unable to claim anymore and you have enough money in the town bank, you might have reached your Town Size limit. This can be increased by joining a nation, or by buying bonus plots with /t buy bonus <amount> - these cost £500 to purchase, and then £250 to claim.

Step 4: Outposts

If you want to claim an area that isn't directly connected to your town, you'll need to make an outpost, which costs £15000. Stand in the chunk you'd like the outpost plot to be in (the area you'll teleport to), and type /t claim outpost. Once you've claimed the outpost chunk, you can continue claiming around it with /t claim!

Step 5: Taxes

You may want to charge your residents tax to help you pay for your town's upkeep and claiming. There are two options you can choose for setting tax of a town.

The first is a daily fixed fee (the most common), which is the same for everyone in the town every 24 hours - you can set this with /t set taxes <amount>.

The second option is a percentage of each resident's balance, with the maximum being 10% of the balance of £10000 (whichever is lower). You can toggle this using /t toggle taxpercent, but be warned that this may discourage people from joining your town.

Taxes are taken at the same time as daily upkeep, and residents that cannot afford the tax (cash) will be automatically kicked from the town. Town staff and VIP residents are not taxed.

Outpost Limits

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