Voting & Vote Parties

In-Game Command: /v & /voteparty

Voting is by far the easiest and quickest way to get money - you can do this daily!

What are Vote Parties?

On CYT, you have the ability to Vote for the server to support us, and in return, you will gain Vote Crate Keys! Use these keys by right clicking whilst holding it to earn your rewards. Once you have voted, you can stay online for the opportunity of entering VoteParties. These happen for every 75 votes on the server, and everyone who has voted will gain a VoteParty Pouch!

VoteParty Pouch Rewards
  • Small Money Pouch

  • Small XP Pouch

  • Small Fish Pouch

  • Small Credits Pouch

  • Spawner Shard

  • Reward Crate Key

  • Reward Crate Key X2

  • Mystery Essence

  • Enchanted Golden Apple

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