Towny Commands:

/towny Towny general help command /towny ? Towny (not town, nation or resident) command list /towny map Displays a map of the nearby chunks (townblocks) and highlights claimed ones /towny prices Displays the prices used with our economy /towny top Display highscores /towny time Displays time until 'next day' is ran (when taxes get taken and paid)

Town Commands:

All /town commands can be shortened with /t /town Shows your current town information /town ? Shows town (not towny, nation or resident) command list /town (name) Shows the information on the specified town /town list Shows all the towns on the server /town online Shows which members of your town are online /town leave Leaves your current town /town here Shows whether or not the chunk you're stood in is claimed by another town and if so, displays information on that town /town spawn Teleports you to your towns spawn /town claim Claims the chunk you're stood in for your town (must be next to another chunk claimed by your town) /town claim outpost Claims the chunk you're stood in for your town as an outpost, you can get to it by typing /t outpost (number) /town unclaim Unclaims the chunk you're stood in for your town /town buy bonus (amount) Purchases (amount) of total claimable chunks for your town /town withdraw (amount) Withdraws (amount) from your town bank to your personal balance /town deposit (amount) Deposits (amount) from your balance to your town's bank /town create (name) Creates a town with the name (name) and the home block will be where you're stood /town delete Deletes your current town (if you are the mayor) /town invite (name) Invites (name) to your town /town invite+ (name1) (name2) (name3) Invites (name1), (name2) and (name3) to your town /town kick (name) Kicks (name) from your town /town kick+ (name1) (name2) (name3) Kicks (name1), (name2) and (name3) from your town /town rank add (name) (rank) Promotes (name) to (rank) in your town /town rank remove (name) (rank) Demotes (name) to resident in your town /town set mayor (name) Sets (name) as the mayor of your town /town set board (message) Sets the towns board to (message) /town set homeblock Sets the town home block to your current chunk, must be in your town /town set spawn Sets the town spawn to your current location (Must be in the homeblock) /town set Shows options for settings /town set taxes (amount) Sets taxes for residents (not staff, they are exempt) to (amount) per day /town set plottax (amount) Sets the taxes for plots owned by residents /town set name (name) Changes your towns name /town toggle explosion Toggles explosions within your town /town toggle fire Toggles fire within your town /town toggle mobs Toggles mobs within your town /town toggle public Toggles whether or not outsiders can /t spawn to your town /town toggle pvp Toggles whether or not PvP is enabled within your town

Plot Commands

/plot ? Shows command list /plot set Shows plot settings options For a list of types you can set plots too, check this out. /plot perm Shows permissions of plot you're stood in /plot toggle Similar to /town toggle /plot claim Claims plot as a resident /plot unclaim Unclaims plot /plot forsale (amount) Puts plot you're stood in for sale /plot notforsale Stops plot from being for sale

Resident Commands

All /resident commands can be shortened with /res /resident Shows your Towny overview /resident ? Brings up resident help screen /resident (name) Brings up (name)'s Towny overview /resident tax Shows plots owned and taxes you pay /resident friend add (name) Adds (name) to your friend list. Can allow friends to build in your plot. /resident friend remove (name) Removes (name) to your friend list. /res set perm Shows you the possible settings /res set perm (friend/ally/outsider) Modify all permissions for a particular group

Extra Commands

/tc Toggles town chat /nc Toggles nation chat /g Toggles global chat

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