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In-Game Command: /warp Trading or /cyg

What is CraftYourGadgets?

CraftYourGadgets, or CYG, is a new custom-made plugin that we're excited to be showcasing here on CYT. The purpose of CYG is to offer a more enhanced multiplayer experience by offering a range of tools, machines and items that benefit any play-style. Whilst the list of currently available items is short, we have plans and the capability to mold CYG into something special.

What does CYG add?

There are a few categories to CYG that makes it easier to understand and learn, listed below are the different categories, their items and what they do.
  • Infused Magnet - Draw in items that are within a radius
  • Tape Measure - Set an anchor point and click elsewhere to check the distance
  • Wind Staff - Right click to launch yourself into that direction, uses hunger.
  • Portable Crafter/Ender Chest/Dust Bin - Right click to open these in your inventory via an item.
  • Magic Zombie Pills - Use these to cure Zombie Villagers faster and more efficiently.
  • Soul Binder - An item that is used in an Auto Enchanter with any tool/armour to make it Soulbound (stays on the player after death). COMING SOON
  • Golden Lasso - An item that is used to capture mobs and replace them .
  • Biome Changer - An item that is used to change the biome of a chunk.
  • ​Skin Remover - An item that is used to remove a Skin from an item.
  • V10 Tag - A tag that symbolises your involvement of V10.
  • Explosive Pickaxe - Mines a 3x3 area
  • Explosive Shovel - Digs a 3x3 area
  • Explosive Farming Hoe - Breaks a 3x3x1 area of crops
  • Upgraded Explosive Pickaxe - Breaks a 5x5 area of blocks
  • Upgraded Explosive Shovel - Digs a 5x5 area of blocks
  • Vein Miner Pickaxe - Mines a vein of ore at once
  • Lumber Axe - Chops down a whole tree at once
  • Sword of Beheading - Chance to drop a players head when they're killed with it
  • Holographic Display - Ability to create and modify a holographic text line
  • Table Saw - A machine that turns 1x log into 8x planks
  • Auto Drier - Dries a range of items. (Uses specific items to power it for X amount of seconds)
  • Auto Enchanter - Combines enchanted books onto tools/armour (Uses specific items to power it)
  • Auto Disenchanter - Removes enchants from tools/armour (Uses specific items to power it)
  • Big Barrel - Stores X stacks of a singular item
  • Large Barrel - Stores X stacks of a singular item
  • Deep Storage Unit - Stores X stacks of a singular item
  • Speedy Furnace - An enhanced furnace that works at a 1.5x speed
  • Speedier Furnace - An enhanced furnace that works at a 3x speed

How to obtain CYG Items?

To obtain any of the listed items, you can trade for them at /warp trading. There are respective NPCs for each CYG category.
First of all, the trading of that item needs to be unlocked, which requires XP, and from there a list of ingredients are needed to trade for the item you desire!
Whilst the trading recipes are only shown once the trading for that item is unlocked, you can quickly view the trading recipes for unlocked items via /cyg - though do note, this is solely to view the details of the CYG items, not to trade remotely, all trading for CYG items must be done at the CYG Trading Hall at /warp trading.
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