CYG (CraftYourGadgets)

In-Game Command: /cyg

What is CraftYourGadgets?

CraftYourGadgets, or CYG, is a new custom-made plugin that we're excited to be showcasing here on CYT. The purpose of CYG is to offer a more enhanced multiplayer experience by offering a range of tools, machines, and items that benefit any play style. Whilst the list of currently available items is short, we have plans and the capability to mold CYG into something special.

Planning on making machines public use or want residents to use them? Make sure to give them the 'switch' permission to access them.

What does CYG add?

The CYG Items are separated into categories. Listed below are the different categories, their items, and what they do.

Note: Enchanters and Disenchanters are currently disabled due to an issue.

For now, drag and drop enchantment books onto tools to apply them. To disenchant, drag and drop an empty book onto a tool and it will give you the enchantments in a book.

This does not work for Bedrock players as Bedrock lacks the packets required to perform this action.

CYG Items
  • Basic Gadgets

    • Infused Magnet - Draw in items that are within a 10-block radius.

    • Tape Measure - Set an anchor point and click elsewhere to check the distance.

    • Wind Staff - Right-click to launch yourself in the direction you are looking. Uses hunger.

    • Portable Crafter/Ender Chest/Dust Bin - Right-click to open these in your inventory via an item.

    • Glass Cutter - Tool to break glass instantly.

  • Advanced Gadgets

    • Lava Sponge - A reusable sponge that removes lava within 5 blocks.

    • Hologram Projector - Ability to create and modify a holographic text line.

    • Table Saw - A machine that turns 1x log into 8x planks.

    • Speedy Furnace - An enhanced furnace that works at a 1.5x speed.

    • Speedier Furnace - An enhanced furnace that works at a 3x speed.

    • Chunk Hopper - A block that will pick up all drops in a chunk.

  • Misc. Items

    • V10 Tag - A tag that symbolises your involvement of V10.

    • Magic Zombie Pills - Use these to cure Zombie Villagers faster and more efficiently.

    • Golden Lasso - Used to capture mobs and replace them.

    • Biome Changer - Used to change the biome of a chunk.

    • Skin Remover - An item that is used to remove a Skin from an item.

    • Soul Binder - Used in an Auto Enchanter with any tool/armour to make it Soulbound (stays on the player after death). COMING SOON

CYG Tools
  • Explosive Tools

    • Explosive Pickaxe - Mines a 3x3 area

    • Explosive Shovel - Digs a 3x3 area

    • Explosive Farming Hoe - Breaks a 3x3x1 area of crops

    • Upgraded Explosive Pickaxe - Breaks a 5x5 area of blocks

    • Upgraded Explosive Shovel - Digs a 5x5 area of blocks

  • Ability Tools

    • Multitool - A pickaxe, axe, and shovel all in one tool.

    • Vein Miner Pickaxe - Mines a vein of ore at once

    • Lumber Axe - Chops down a whole tree at once

    • Sword of Beheading - Chance to drop a player's head when they're killed with it

CYG Machines
  • Constructor A piece of machinery with a 3x3 crafting grid used to craft various CYG items & machines.

  • Dye Extractor - Extracts dye from a dyed item into a bottle

  • Dye Bottler - Bottles dye to create a more potent and efficient version to use in an applier

  • Dye Applier - Applies bottled dye onto an item with increased efficiency

  • Producer - Use this to automatically produce desired items

  • Growth Cell - Use this to automatically grow desired items and crops

  • Concrete Factory - Converts concrete powder into concrete

  • Auto Enchanter - Combines enchanted books onto tools/armour.

  • Auto Disenchanter - Removes enchants from tools/armour.

  • Compactor - Compacts items into larger clumps

  • Crusher - Use this to automatically crush items into other items

  • Auto Drier - Dries a range of items.

  • Refinery - Refines ingots and fragments

Most Machines require fuel to operate. You can insert fuel manually by right-clicking on the machine with the fuel in your hand. You can check how much fuel is in your machine by looking at the red bar on the left side of the machine GUI. Machines have a maximum fuel capacity of 100 units

Each fuel item provides a different amount of fuel to the machine.

  • Planks - 0.03

  • Block of Bamboo - 0.06

  • Stripped Logs - 0.12

  • Logs - 0.15

  • Coal - 0.25

  • Charcoal - 0.25

  • Blaze Rod - 0.5

  • Lava Bucket - 1.5

  • Coal Block - 2.25

  • Nether Star - 95.0

CYG Logistics

For more information on Logistics and how to use it, click here

  • Storage

    • Big Barrel - Stores 256 stacks of a singular item

    • Large Barrel - Stores 512 stacks of a singular item

    • Deep Storage Unit - Stores 16384 stacks of a singular item

  • Nodes

    • Input Node - The starting building block of any node network. Allows the extraction of items from nearby containers at the rate of Stack/5s whilst conforming to given filters. (must be placed adjacent to an input container (Chests, Barrels, Furnaces, CYG Barrels, CYG Machines, Spawners)

    • Output Spawner Node - A modified version of the Output Fuel Node which allows the fuelling of spawners. (Only for applicable containers such as CYG Spawners).

    • Output Fuel Node - A modified version of the Content Node which allows the output of items into fuel-specific slots. (Only for applicable containers such as Furnaces, Smokers, CYG Machines, and Blast Furnaces).

    • Output Content Node - The final link for a node network to function. Outputs items into nearby containers, while conforming to given filters, and priorities. (Only for applicable containers such as Chests, Barrels, CYG Machines, and CYG Barrels).

    • Connector Node - The connector for node networks, connecting input nodes to output nodes. (Requires to be within a range of 5 blocks in any direction of an Input/Output Node to guarantee a successful link).

CYG Spawners
  • Spawners

    • Blaze Spawner

    • Zombie Spawner

    • Skeleton Spawner

    • Spider Spawner

    • Cave Spider Spawner

    • Magma Cube Spawner

    • Silverfish Spawner

  • Fuel

    • Artificial Essence - Can fuel any CYG Spawner.

    • Mob Essence - Obtained by killing the respective mob of the essence. Can only fuel CYG Spawners of the same mob type.

    • Enhanced Mob Essence - Obtained through crafting in a constructor. Can only fuel CYG Spawners of the same mob type.

    • Fused Essence - Can completely fuel any CYG Spawner.

CYG Talismans

There are two tiers of Talisman. Tier II Talismans are crafted using two Teir I Talismans and a Talisman Core. Talismans must be in the player's inventory for the effects to activate.

  • Miner Talisman - 10%/20% chance to double drops from ores.

  • Farmer Talisman - 10%/20% chance to double drops from crops.

  • Woodcutter Talisman - 10%/20% chance to double drops from logs.

  • Hunter Talisman - 10%/20% chance to double drops from mobs.

  • Wise Talisman - 10%/20% chance to double xp.

  • Smelter Talisman - 10%/20% chance to automatically smelt blocks.

  • Overworld Talisman - Take 5%/10% less damage from Overworld Mobs.

  • Nether Talisman - Take 5%/10% less damage from Nether Mobs.

  • End Talisman - Take 5%/10% less damage from End Mobs.

  • Haste Talisman - Permanent Haste I/II.

  • Speed Talisman - Permanent Speed I/II.

  • Jump Talisman - Permanent Jump Boost I/II.

CYG Ingredients
  • Gatherables

    • Talisman Core - Found from crates and killing witches.

    • Silicon Fragment - Found from digging Sand and Red Sand.

    • Rubber Fragment - Found from chopping down Wood.

    • Ancient Coin Fragment - Found from digging Dirt, Sand, Soul Sand, Gravel, etc.

  • Components

    • Refined Silicon - Obtianed using a Refinery and 3x Silicon Fragments.

    • Gold Plated Silicon - Obtained using a Refinery, 4x Refined Silicon, and 8x Gold Ingots.

    • Refined Rubber - Obtained using a Refinery and 3x Rubber Fragments.

    • Reinforced Rubber - Obtained using a Compactor, 4x Refined Rubber, and 2x Netherite Ingots.

    • Copper Winding - Obtained using a Compactor and 4x Copper Plating.

    • Copper Plating - Obtained using a Compactor and 6x Copper Ingots.

    • Iron Plating - Obtained using a Compactor and 6x Iron Ingots.

    • Electrical Shard - Crafted in a Constructor.

    • Power Shard - Crafted in a Constructor.

    • Ancient Coin - Crafted in a Constructor. Used at /warp wizard to upgrade books past their max vanilla values.

How to obtain CYG Items?

To obtain any of the listed items, you first need to obtain a Constructor. To obtain a Constructor, have all the ingredients needed to make it in your inventory, and click on the Constructor item in your CYG Recipe Book! Most other recipes are then craftable by using the Constructor.

To unlock more items, click on the item you want to unlock and make sure to have the right amount of XP needed to unlock it!

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