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Auction House

In-Game Command: /ah
Trying to think of what to sell an item for? It's difficult, so we made a custom plugin that averages prices out.
Holding an item If you're wanting to sell an item that you're holding, simply type /iworth and the plugin will return the average price of it. If it hasn't been sold before, this sadly won't be of any help.
Want to search? No problem. This plugin also has a search feature! Simply type /iworth with an empty hand and it'll bring up a sign where you can type in an item. This works with custom items, crate keys, basically everything.
Want to just look at every item ever sold? No problem. Simply type /iworth with an empty hand, click 'Done' on the sign without typing anything and there you go!
How does it work? It takes all sales of all items from both Auction House and Chest Shops and averages it out.
Want to see sales in a specific time period? Not a problem, simply hold the item you want to check and do /iworth <amount of item> <time period>, for example, /iworth 1 1 week! You can also shrink down the entire menu to a specific time period. To do so, type /iworth menu and fill the sign in with details you need!

What is the Auction House?

The Auction House is the best place to sell items that you may not want to make an entire shop or Player Warp for - to access it, simply type /ah in-game to see a list of all current listings.
If you want to sell something on the Auction House, you will have to pay £100 to put the item on there, as well as a 15% tax on the item once it is sold (the same as chest shops)

How does it work?

Simply hold what you're trying to sell, and type /ah sell <price>; a confirmation will appear in chat letting you know about the £100 fee, and you'll have to type the command again to confirm you're happy to spend that cost. Auctions stay on /ah for 48h until going into the "Expired Auctions" section

Can I collect my expired items?

Yes! Type /ah in-game, and click on the beacon labelled "My Auctions". Afterwards, click on the enchanted clock labelled "Expired Auctions" and all your expired items will be there - click them with a free inventory slot to retrieve them!

How do I get more slots?

Slots are obtained from purchasing donator ranks (click here to visit the store, or use /store in-game) or ranking up in-game using /ranks.