Piñata Party

In-Game Command: /warp event

What are Piñata Parties?

Piñata Party is an Event on the server that happens if the server reaches 100 players online at a time, and it only happens once a day. Once the number of players has been reached, it will notify everyone online to get ready for the Piñata (a llama) to spawn at /warp Event. Once the Piñata has spawned, the goal is to hit it as many times as you can until it breaks, and for every 5 times you hit it, you earn a Piñata Pouch, which you can right click to open for rewards!
Piñata Pouch Rewards
  • Small Money Pouch
  • Small XP Pouch
  • Small Entropy Pouch
  • Small Credits Pouch
  • Mystery Augment
  • Mystery Spawner
  • Reward Crate Key
  • Clover Crate Key
  • ABC 123 Scoreboard Collectable
Last modified 4mo ago