Towny - [V10]

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What does Towny at CYT have to offer?

Player-based and balanced economy
Many beautiful and active towns to join
Live virtual map
Frequent Voteparties for free rewards
Daily Pinata Party event (punch the pinata for rewards!)
Custom machines for storage, automation and more
Custom tools and weapons with unique properties
Many custom and unique gadgets to obtain
Craftable talismans for boosts
Biome changer (changes the biome of a chunk)
Golden Lasso (lassos mobs into their respective egg form and keeps their data)
Unique cosmetic hats to wear
Custom furniture to decorate with
Cosmetic skins for your weapons and tools
Custom enchant upgrader with levels above vanilla
Custom Mobs in the wilderness
Balanced and fun jobs
Hundreds of tasks to complete for rewards
Custom fishing
Traditional and custom parkours
Custom Bank with interest rates
Fossil collections to obtain
Custom upgradable spawners
Customisable player profiles
Frequent Envoys with custom mobs
Playerwarps and player shops to buy anything you need
Custom Lottery
Many crates (all obtainable in-game)
Weekly minigame events for in-game rewards
Seasonal Events with custom seasonal rewards
Community orientated (have your say with suggestions and polls)
And a detailed and frequently updated Wiki with all the answers you need!