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Crates are an essential way of earning money on Towny - visit them with /warp Crates in-game!
Paid Crates: Event Crate (used only during seasonal events, such as Easter) - Obtainable through the Store (Price varies) Mango Crate - Obtainable through the Store ($7.50) Mystical Crate - Obtainable through the Store ($5) Immortal Crate - Obtainable through the Store ($2.50) Obtainable in-game crates: Vote Crate - Obtainable from Voting Uncommon Crate - Obtainable from Vote Crates, Piñata parties and Tournaments Rare Crate - Obtainable from Uncommon, Lottery, Tournaments and Vote Crates React Crate - Obtainable from Chat Reactions Artistan Crate - Obtainable through Demon Tower only Cosmetic Crate - Obtainable through the Vote Crate, Uncommon Crate, Rare Crate, React Crate, Vote Parties and Piñata Parties
Punch the crates in-game to view the possible rewards!
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