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Making a Nation
To make a Nation, you must be rank VI in /ranks, and you need $100,000 to create one. Type /n new <nation name> in the chunk that you want your nation spawn to be (it must be in your town). Once created, you can invite other towns to join your nation using /n invite

Upkeep and Bonus Plots

The Upkeep of a Nation depends on the amount of towns in the nation - each town increases the daily upkeep by $1250.
The amount of free bonus plots given to towns in that Nation is dependant on the number of residents in the Nation. Below is a list of Nation tiers, and what each one gives:
LAND Number of residents - 0 Bonus plots - 20
FEDERATION Number of residents - 20 Bonus plots - 50
DOMINION Number of residents - 50 Bonus plots - 75
KINGDOM Number of residents - 100 Bonus plots - 125
EMPIRE Number of residents - 150 Bonus plots - 200
FEDERATION Number of residents - 200 Bonus plots - 300

Nation Commands

All of the commands below can start with /n instead of /nation
/nation Shows information on the nation you are in /nation ? Shows a list of nation commands /nation list Shows a list of nations on the server /nation online Shows members of your nation that are online /nation (nation) Shows information on (nation) /nation leave Leaves your current nation /nation deposit (amount) Deposits money into the nation bank from your personal bank /nation withdraw (amount) Nation owners can withdraw (amount) from the nation bank to their personal bank /nation set Shows options for settings /nation rank add (name) (rank) Promotes (name) to (rank) in nation /nation rank remove (name) (rank) Demotes (name) to member in nation /nation add (name) Invites the town (name) to your nation /nation kick (name) Removes the town (name) from your nation /nation delete Nation owners can delete their nation /nation ally add (name) Adds a nation to your ally list /nation ally remove (name) Adds a nation to your ally list /nc Toggles nation chat
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