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The Bank
What is a Bank? A bank is a place for you to store cash separate to Town/Nation banks and unique to your account. Nobody else can access it. How do I view my Bank balance? Your bank balance is shown on your scoreboard and by hovering over the paper in the Bank GUI Is there any minimum deposit/withdraw amount? There are no minimums. What is "Interest Limit"? Interest Limit is the maximum you can have in your bank before the interest no longer applies. For example, let's say the Interest Limit was $25,000, to prevent players from putting $24,999 in their account and gaining max interest daily, you can only go up to a maximum of $25,000 including interest. This means that in this situation you will only get $1 of interest. Can you upgrade your bank limits? Yes! If you click the orange button in the GUI you'll see the upgrade. You need to have the money to purchase the upgrade in your bank, not your cash
You have to visit /warp bank to use any of the bank facilities unless you're Netherite Donator Rank or Rank V+, they can use /bank deposit/withdraw <amount>.

Current Tiers:

Free Tier 1.02% interest rate (48 hour delay) 12500$ interest limit 25000$ capacity Basic Tier - $7500 1.022% interest rate (24 hour delay) 25000$ interest limit 50000$ capacity Premium Tier - $12000 1.025% interest rate (24 hour delay) 50000$ interest limit 100000$ capacity Gold Tier - $25000 1.03% interest rate (24 hour delay) 125000$ interest limit 250000$ capacity Platinum Tier - $50000 1.033% interest rate (24 hour delay) 250000$ interest limit 500000$ capacity Diamond Tier - $100000 1.035% interest rate (24 hour delay) 500000$ interest limit 1000000$ capacity Executive Tier - $250000 1.037% interest rate (24 hour delay) 1250000$ interest limit 2500000$ capacity Executive+ Tier - $550000 1.04% interest rate (24 hour delay) 2500000$ interest limit 5000000$ capacity
Presidential - $1500000 1.06% interest rate (24 hour delay) 3000000$ interest limit 7500000$ capacity
Presidential+ - $3500000 1.08% interest rate (24 hour delay) 4000000$ interest limit 12500000$ capacity
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