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Towny Rules

In-Game Command: /rules
Please take the time to read through them! Committing any of the offences listed below will result in punishments being given in the form of warnings, mutes and bans.
Allowed Mods List
This list states the only allowed mods on CYT:
  • Inventory/Mouse Tweaks Mods
  • Schematica (without Printer)
  • Mini-maps (without Radar/Cave Finder)
  • All Badlion and Lunar Client Features
  • Aesthetic Mods (Shaders, Texturepacks, Full bright)
  • Keybind Macros (For welcome messages, common help responses, and promotions only)

General Rules

General Information

You are responsible for your own account

Regardless of who does the action on your account, you are liable for the damages and consequences

If you have an issue with a ruling

Please make an appeal and/or staff report if you feel you were unjustly punished. Manager and above will have the final say in all matters.

Player error items will not be refunded

Staff will do their best to return or replace items lost from game glitches, bugs and rollbacks.

[G1] Disruptive General Behaviour

  • Not listening to staff
  • Creating eyesores in the Overworld (mass destruction, deforestation, craters, etc.)
More Information on: G1

Not listening to Staff

Players must, at all times, listen to the directions of Staff and can take it up with Management by opening a ticket, if directions are found unfair.

Creating eyesores in the Overworld

This includes
  • Lava casts
  • Cobble monsters
  • Mass fires
  • Large craters in the map
  • Mass destruction of terrain
This does not apply to resource worlds.

[G2] Inappropriate General Behaviour

  • Use of Unfair Advantages (Hacked Clients, Auto-Clickers/Auto-Fishers, Macros)
  • Scamming others (In-Game)
  • Making traps to kill other players
  • Inappropriate skins/names/builds
More Information on: G2

Unfair Advantages (Hacks)

This includes
  • Autoclickers
  • Taping down mouse or keyboard
  • X-ray
  • Baritone
  • Fly hacks
  • Killaura etc.
Please refer to the Allowed Mods list for more information, and if your mod isn't included, ask a staff member.

Scamming others (In-game)

This includes
  • Making false sales
  • Not paying for purchases
  • Not holding up a part of an agreement

Making traps

This includes
  • Anything used to capture a player/property
  • Making Bedrock players lag out
  • Trapping players in builds/redstone contraptions

Inappropriate skins/names/builds

This includes
  • NSFW skins, skins showing genitals
  • Controversial skins, Hitler/Nazi skins
  • Skins with blackface/other racist remarks
  • Racist or controversial usernames/nicknames
  • NSFW/racist/controversial builds

[G3] Unacceptable General Behaviour

  • Abusing server or Minecraft glitches/bugs
  • Making purposeful lag machines
  • Trading in-game items/money for anything outside the server (with the only exception being CYT store-bought purchases)
  • Bank Boosting
More Information on: G3

Abusing server or Minecraft glitches/bugs

This includes
  • Finding a bug/glitch and not reporting it to staff for your or others' personal gain
  • Bypassing the AFK timer/collection system
  • Bypassing /pvp

Making purposeful lag machines

This includes
  • Building systems/machines with the intention to lag out the server, like flying machines
  • Rebuilding laggy systems when previously having been told by staff not to

Trading in-game items/money for anything outside the server (with the only exception being CYT store-bought purchases)

This includes
  • Directly paying others real money for in-game items/money

Bank Boosting

This includes
  • Paying other player money in order to gain higher interest and be given a cut of said interest

[G4] Ban Evasion & Alternative Accounts

  • Evading an active ban by using an alternate account
  • Using an alternative account
More Information on: G4

Ban Evasion

Despite alt accounts already not being allowed, using an alt specifically to evade an active ban will result in a more severe punishment.

[G5] No intent to play

  • Using slurs
  • Typing an IP-address or server name
  • Spamming offensive comments
  • Leaking others' personal information
More Information on: G5

Using slurs

This includes
  • Words such as the n-word or any words with similar intent behind it, targeting minorities or discriminated groups

Typing an IP-address or server name

This includes
  • Posting any IP-address
  • Posting a server address that isn't CYT's
  • Advertising Discord servers that aren't CYT-related

Spamming offensive comments

This includes
  • Repeatedly posting offensive comments
  • Writing it in other places such as signs, books, with blocks or by renaming items

Leaking others' personal information

This includes
  • Leaking private/sensitive information of another person, such as their age, real name, IP-address, location, etc.

Towny Rules

Towny Information

If a town's Mayor has been offline for 30 days

Mayorship will be passed down through the chain:
  • Co-Mayor, Senator, Helper, Builder, Unranked player that has been in the town for a minimum of 2 weeks
We do not delete towns for any reason other than all members being permanently banned.

[T1] Disruptive Towny Behaviour

  • Not leaving a town when being asked to (or being within 50 blocks)
  • Setting homes/warps in a town (other than your own)
  • Advertising within the Auction House (/ah)
  • Instant Inviting of new players is not allowed
  • Setting homes within 100 blocks of other towns (without consent) is not allowed
More Information on: T1

Not leaving a town when being asked to (or being within 50 blocks)

This includes
  • Staying in a town whilst being asked to leave
  • Being banned from a town and staying within 50 blocks of it

Setting homes/warps in a town (other than your own)

This includes
  • Setting a home/warp in towns without permission
  • Not removing the home/warp after the permission has been retracted

Advertising within /ah

This includes
  • Selling items renamed as the name of a shop/PW
  • Selling items renamed to advertise a service/shop

[T2] Unacceptable Towny Behaviour

  • Abusing town rank to steal from residents
  • Intentionally interfering with a town's design/expansion
More Information on: T2

Abusing town rank to steal from residents

This includes
  • Draining the town bank
  • Purposely making the town fall
  • Stealing from town members' plots
  • Increasing tax greatly with no prior notice
Depending on the severity of the case, mayorship may be passed to another player in the town.

Intentionally interfering with a town's design or expansion (including towns with wrong permission set)

This includes
  • Joining a town with the intent to grief
  • Getting someone to trust you in a plot with the intent to grief them
  • Ring claiming
  • Purposefully destroying the outskirts of a town via griefing, building walls around the town, TNT cannons, or lava and water pyramids

[T3] Use of an Alternate Account

  • Using an alternate account as well as your main account
More Information on: T3

Alt accounts are not allowed on CYT

If someone is joining the server on the same IP-address as you, or you cannot access your old account and need to have your items transferred to a new one, make sure to #create-a-ticket on our Discord to let Staff know!

Chat Rules

[C1] Disruptive Chat Behaviour

  • Disturbing chat (i.e. spam, excessive caps)
  • Non-English chat in global chat
  • Discussing active or previous punishments
  • Advertising shops, player warps, offers etc in chat - use /advertise instead.
  • Personal promotions
More Information on: C1

Disturbing chat (i.e. spam, excessive caps)

This includes
  • Frequently repeating messages
  • Flooding chat
  • Countdowns
  • Excessive caps
  • Excessive swearing
  • Constantly begging people for items
  • Spacing out letters
  • Randomised messages
  • Different fonts

Non-English chat in global chat

This includes
  • Longer phrases
  • Multiple messages with different words

Discussing active or previous punishments

This includes
  • Personal punishments
  • Other players' punishments

Advertising more than once every 30 minutes

This includes
  • One player advertising multiple things
  • Multiple players advertising one thing, like a town or PW

Personal promotions

This includes
  • Promotions of Social Media
  • Other platforms that aren't CYT-related

[C2] Inappropriate Chat Behaviour

  • NSFW chat content
  • Staff impersonation
  • Harassing others
  • Insulting others directly (i.e. name calling)
  • Discussing political or religious views
  • Mentioning other server names
More Information on: C2

NSFW chat content

This includes
  • Making sexual/erotic jokes or comments
  • Drug-related content
  • Gore

Staff impersonation

This includes
  • Claiming to be a specific staff member
  • Claiming to be staff in general (i.e. "I'm a mod")

Harassing others

This includes
  • Bullying others
  • Continuously messaging others when being asked to stop
  • Constantly stalking/following others

Insulting others directly (i.e. name calling)

This includes
  • Name calling
  • Cursing at others
  • Making rude remarks at others

Discussing political or religious views

This includes
  • Discussing who to vote for
  • Shaming religions
  • Discussing how one religion is better
  • Quoting politicians or religious texts

[C3] Unacceptable Chat Behaviour

  • Discriminatory comments
More Information on: C3

Discriminatory comments

This includes
  • Showing an unfair or prejudicial distinction between different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex
  • Making an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation

[C4] Mute Evasion

  • Evading an active mute (placing signs, renaming items, etc.)
More Information on: C4

Mute Evasion

This includes
  • Using items to communicate, such as signs, books, blocks and renaming items