CYT | V10 Wiki

Player Profiles

In-Game Command: /profile

What is my PlayerProfile?

In your own Player Profile, which are accessed through /profile or /player, you can view information, statistics, town info, your auctions, your gear and your toggle menu! If you are viewing the profile of another player, which can be done by either crouching and right clicking, or by typing their username after the command, your toggle menu will be switched out with the option to trade with them!

Player Information

In your information, you will be able to set your pronouns, age and region, and there is a 24 hour cooldown from when you’ve selected an option, till you can do it again! You will also be able to see your nickname, your Discord (if linked), your rank and your balance.

Toggle Menu

In your toggle menu, you are able to toggle the ability to receive payments and teleport requests from other players, the ability to see Lottery and mcMMO ability messages, mcMMO excavation drops and your scoreboard settings!