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In-Game Command: /mygraves

What are Graves?

Graves spawn in your place when you die in a world that does not have KeepInventory on, so they would only spawn if you died in;
  • The Overworld
  • The Nether
  • The End
The Grave holds all your items safe for 20 minutes until it expires along with your belongings, although you can only have one Grave at a time, so if you die again before opening it, your first Grave will despawn along with all your items, and a second one will spawn. If your Grave spawned because you were killed by another player, all players can open your Grave.
When you die, a GUI will appear, which can also be accessed through /mygraves, and here you can choose to TP to your Grave, costing £2,000 or to Fetch your grave to you, costing £4,000. You need to be in the same world as your Grave in order to Fetch it, although you can TP to your grave from anywhere.
Another feature of Graves is that Totems of Undying will work if they are anywhere in your inventory, not just in your main hand or offhand.
Last modified 4mo ago