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Player Warps
To set up a Player Warp, you'll need $20000 Cash and a place to set the warp. Your warp will need to be renewed every 7 days. This costs $500 and is taken automatically unless you delete your warp; if you can't pay it, your warp will be deleted. By default, players pay $5 to teleport to your warp - you can change this with /pw cost set/remove <warp> <amount>.
You can only set warps in towns you belong to or have an embassy plot in.

How to set up a Player Warp:

Step 1: Stand where you want the players to warp to, and then type /pw set <name> The Name (not Display Name) of your warp is what will identify it when you want to edit it. Step 2: To customise your warp, you can do: /pw setowner <warp> <player> - Transfer the warp to another player /pw remove <warp> - Delete warp /pw desc set/remove <warp> <desc> - Set and remove descriptions (It will automatically do new lines for you. For HEX colouring, use {#000000} instead of &#000000. You need to be Diamond Rank or above to use colouring. /pw icon set/remove <warp> - Set/remove icon. Will use the item you are holding to set. /pw cost set/remove <warp> <cost> - Set a cost to warp to your warp. Players have to pay this each time to warp. /pw rename <warp> <new name> - Rename warp (Costs: $2500) /pw ban set/remove <warp> <player> - Ban player /pw password set/remove <warp> <pw> - Set passwords /pw lock <warp> - Lock/unlock your warp /pw whitelist set/remove/list <warp> [player] - Whitelist usage (Note: Whitelist is only useable when the warp is locked) /pw reset <warp> - Move your warp location (Costs: $2500)
Adding \n into a chunk of text will move all the text after it onto a new line - for example: Typing "Come visit my playerwarp! \nWe sell everything you need!" will appear in the PW menu as: "Come visit my playerwarp! We sell everything you need!" Step 3: Your warp is ready to go!
If you don't log in for 30 days, your warp will be deleted.
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