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Making Shops
Chest Shops are the best way to buy and sell large amounts of items on the server, especially when you have a Player Warp for people to visit and use those shops. These shops support all items on the server, including custom items and Slimefun items.
There is a 25% tax on all shop transactions

How do I make a Chest Shop?

You will need:
  • A chest
  • One or more of the item you wish to buy/sell
Step 1: Preparation Place a chest where you want your shop to be Step 2: Preparation Put at least one of the item you're trying to sell or buy in the chest Step 3: Setup Punch the chest with the item you wish to sell/buy Step 4: Setting the Price Type how much you intend to sell/buy for
Step 5: (Optional) Customisation To change from selling to buying (or vice-versa), right-click the shop sign and click the messages to change the settings.
Your shop is ready to go!
Due to technical limitations, Bedrock Players can not click the messages in Step 5 - you must use the commands below.

Available Commands:

/qs price [price] - Set the price of your shop. (Whilst looking at the sign)
/qs amount [amount] - Set the amount of items to sell/buy. (Whilst looking at the sign)
/qs buy|sell - Change the shop to sell/buy mode. (Whilst looking at the sign)
/qs item - Change the shop to sell/buy the item you are holding. (Whilst looking at the sign)
/qs staff add|clear|del|list [player] - Shop staff management. (Whilst looking at the sign)
/qs find [item] - Find a shop selling an item.
/qs transfer [player] - Transfer all of your shops to a player.
/qs toggledisplay - Disable/Enable item display
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Available Commands: