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Jobs are essential for making money and getting started. You can have more than one job at a time when you reach the correct /rank!
/jobs - Opens the Job GUI, where you can join jobs or see what each has to offer /jobs join <job name> - Joins a specific job /jobs info <job name> - Shows information for a specific job /jobsrewards - Opens a GUI where you can claim rewards for every 20 levels of a job you reach /jobs stats - Shows your current jobs, and your level and job XP for each /jobs leave <job name> - Leaves a specific job /jobs leaveall - Leaves all joined jobs /jobs limit - Shows your money and job XP limit from all jobs, and the time left until it resets
How do I do my job? Check your /jobs info <job> to see what you can do within your job and what pays the best - this could include breaking or placing blocks, crafting items, killing mobs, harvesting crops and more. You can do your job anywhere in the Towny worlds, and the money and job XP will be automatically given to you
What's the max job level? 200 is the maximum for all jobs
What does "Max limit reached" mean? It could mean one of two things, you've hit the maximum jobs limit for the day (cash) - you can check this with /jobs limit.
If that's not maxed out, you've likely hit a limit on your furnaces, brewing stands, blast furnaces or smokers. You can check your limit by viewing /ranks - if you'd like to wipe the ones you own (meaning you won't gain XP or cash from using them unless you reclaim them by right-clicking, and that other people can claim them) you can do /jobs clearownership.
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