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Starter Guide

A guide for anyone starting out with CraftYourTown, or Towny in general

Welcome to CYT - we're so glad to have you here!

If you're new to Towny, it can look very intimidating and challenging at first - this guide should help you get started, and give you a general understanding of everything you need to know the enjoy your time with us!
Joining a town: Your first step should be protecting yourself, as we have many custom mobs that can do a great deal of damage when starting out. You'll want to join a town, as you don't have enough money to make one straight away. Joining a town gives you a place to safely store your items without worrying about them getting stolen, and a great way to make new friends and get involved in our community!
To join a town, you can ask in chat or in our Discord if anyone has a town that they'd be willing to let you join - once you've been invited to one, type /t invite accept <town name> to join! You can also type /t list by Open to see all open towns on the server; these are towns you can join without being invited, and all you have to type is /t join <town name> to join it!
When you die, no need to worry - the server has keep inventory enabled globally! No matter where you die, you will keep all of your items and XP levels. If you want to return to the location that you died, you can get the /back perk from purchasing the Iron Donator Rank | Lifetime or by purchasing the Netherite Donator Rank | Monthly from our store - click here to check them out!
Once you've joined a town, you're set to explore the server! There is a lot of content to keep you busy and entertained, and all of it is covered here on the Wiki.
Q: What content do you have on the server? A: Click here to see all the content our server has to offer!
Q: How do I start making money? A: Click here to check out our Wiki page on how our economy works and how to easily earn money, or check out /economy in-game for more helpful tips.
Q: Is there a shop where I can buy and sell things? A: Click here to find out more about buying and selling on the server.
Q: How can I get custom items in-game, such as heirlooms? A: Click here to see all our custom items and how each one is obtained.
Q: How can I make my own town once I get settled into the server? A: Click here to see how to make your own town to protect your valuables and build your own little community on the server!