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Making a Town
So you want to become a mayor? Here's everything you'll need to get started:
You will need: $12500 Cash (to make the town) Around $7500-$10000 extra cash for claiming land and initial upkeep To be Rank III or above
Step 1: Making the town Stand where you want the town spawn to be (the home of the town), and type /t create <town name> (spaces are allowed, but they'll be replaced by underscores when outsiders (player who aren't in your town) do "/t spawn <your town>", for example, if you name it "my town", other players would type "/t spawn my_town")
Step 2: Funding your town You've created your town! Now, let's fund it. Do /t deposit <amount> - We recommend atleast $7500-$10000 to get started. This is important because your town will need to pay daily upkeep based on the amount of members in the town. Daily Upkeep is taken at 10pm GMT daily, you can do /towny time to see a countdown. Money in the town bank is also used for buying claim blocks and claiming chunks. For more information on Daily Upkeep, click here.
Step 3: Claiming land Land is done on a chunk basis, to see the chunk visualiser, press F3+G (or CMD+F3+G on Mac). You can claim as many chunks as your "Town Size: 1/X" shows in /t (3rd line down). You'll already have 1 claimed as that's the home block (town spawn area). To claim, ensure you aren't at your Town Size cap (to get a higher cap, join a nation, buy some ($3000 each) with /t buy bonus <amount> or invite members), and stand in a chunk next to the one you've just claimed (your home block). You have to claim chunks that are already directly connected to your town unless you're making an outpost (a town claim away from your main town area, more on this later). Simply type /t claim in the chunk you're in to claim and you're off! This will cost $1500 to do each time. Repeat this as many times as you like (up to your cap).
Step 4: Outposts So you want to claim something away from your town? Easy, you'll need $20000 Cash to claim an outpost aswell as some extra cash to claim around it. To begin, stand where you want the outpost spawn to be and type /t claim outpost. You can now claim around this with /t claim as you would your homeblock.
Step 5: Taxes Want to charge your residents tax to help with upkeep? Easy. Just be aware this will discourage people from wanting to join. You have two options, a daily flat fee, or a % of their balance (up to $10000 and 10%). You can see what you have by checking /t, it'll either show 0.0 (flat fee) or 0% (percentage). You can toggle percentage or flat fee by typing /t toggle taxpercent. To set the amount of tax, do /t set taxes <amount>. Taxes are taken at the same time as daily upkeep, town staff (and VIP's) are not taxed.
Some useful information:
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