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The Dungeons are temporarily disabled whilst they go under an overhaul.
In dungeons, we offer a range of stories with different bosses for you to defeat. The goal is to make it to the end and find the back story of what happened here. Defeat evil monsters for a wide range of custom rewards.

What is Dungeons?

Dungeons is a progressive hostile custom mob adventure game mode. The game mode equips custom mobs, custom loot and quests to complete.

How do you join Dungeons?

Do /warp dungeon to start the adventure.

Fortress Armour

This is crafted with an item called “The Broken Fortress”. This is obtained by killing the Golem Guard.


When you kill the Widowmaker boss (located in The Forgotten Mines), there is a small chance to drop Widowmaker’s Leg. This is a custom item with a custom enchant Extermination X

What are the Royal items?

This can be acquired in Dungeons through your adventure there. Royal items are craftable items, which comes from getting the Royal Jewel. The Royal Jewel is a rare drop from Burton.

The Forgotten Mines

Lore: Many years ago, The Forgotten Mines was once populated with miners who were in search of resources to bring back to their village. One strange day, everything changed. Now the mines are overrun by the lost souls that were once Miners. Objective: Enter The Forgotten Mines. You must navigate your way through these mines to The Hidden Village, along your route you will encounter the lost souls of The Forgotten Mines. Beware.

The Hidden Village

Lore: The Hidden Village used to have smiling faces, laughing kids and blossoming flowers. After an event that occurred here, nothing has been the same. No one talks to each other. People hide in their homes. No more laughter. Objective:
  • Talk to Grummet
  • Kill The Golem Guard
  • Enter Burton’s Stronghold

Burton’s Stronghold

Lore: Why is it so dark in here? Along these hallways roam guards who stop at nothing to kill anything that doesn’t belong there. They have no sympathy. They are skinny and pale… are they one of the lost souls? Objective:
  • Locate and defeat Lord Burton
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