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The most asked questions about Towny
Q: How do I start a town? A: Click here to view our Wiki page on making a town, or check /guide in-game and click "Towny".
Q: Can I expand my town without adding more people? A: Yes! /t buy bonus <amount> to get more claims!
Q: How do I make money? A: Click here to view our Wiki page on how our economy works, or check out /economy in-game for more helpful tips.
Q: Where is PvP enabled? A: Only in towns that have it enabled, ruined towns and /warp PvP - everywhere else is a PvP-free zone.
Q: How long are towns in ruined for? A: 72 hours - the first 24 hours is raidable and not re-claimable, whereas the final 48 hours is raidable and claimable.
Q: How do I get invisible item frames? A: Sneak and right-click item frames twice to turn them invisible - this will cost $25 cash.
Q: How do I apply? A: Join our Discord for more information on applying for staff.
Q: What's the world border? A: Overworld: 30k x 30k A: Nether: 30k x 30k A: End: 40k x 40k A: Earth: 43k x 43k A: Resource Worlds: 5k x 5k (monthly resets)
Q: When's the next reset? A: When we feel like it's a good time - V9 was made around lasting longer than previous versions, so we feel that there won't be one for at least a good while.
Q: What do I keep on a serverwide reset? A: You keep all donator perks (apart from keys) and tags that you have redeemed, but in-game progress is wiped clean.