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Q: Why can't I read the text boxes in the /guide or other various menus? A: Set your GUI scale to "3" / "Medium".
Q: How do I apply for staff? A: Click here for more information on becoming staff at CYT.
Q: How do I get the Texture Pack on Bedrock Edition? A: Currently you can't, but we're working on this!
Q: What do I do if I'm stuck on "Loading Resource Pack"? A: Go back to your server list, click "Edit" for CYT, and turn Server Resource Pack: Off (You won't be able to see crate keys or custom items).
Q: Why can't I connect to the server? A: Double check the IP is A: Make sure you're on the latest Java/Bedrock version A: Try disabling your mods, resource packs A: If you're still having issues, join our Discord
Q: Why am I getting "Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later:$AnnotatedConnectException" error when trying to connect? A: You must be on the latest Java/Bedrock version - if you're still having issues, join our Discord
Q: Can I connect with Bedrock Edition? A: Yes! Bedrock IP: Port: 19132 For consoles, please follow these tutorials: Switch: Xbox: PS4: Windows 10 Edition & Pocket Edition (PE) can simply use the IP without needing BedrockConnect.