CYT | V10 Wiki


How do I make money?
You can check out /features for an overview of ways to make money on the server, but a good way to get started is by joining a job or participating in the features of the server.
How do I join a Job?
You can type /job join [job type] or have a look at our /jobs menu for more info.
What is the money cap for jobs?
The money cap for Jobs is £25k per 12 hours, no matter the number of jobs you have.
How do I join/make a Town, and what is the cost?
To join a town, you either create one for £5,000 by typing /t create and entering the name in the sign, or by joining a town that’s willing to invite you in. You can use /opentowns to see which ones are open!
How do I claim (more) land?
You write /t claim in a chunk that’s connected to an already claimed chunk. Each new chunk costs £250 to claim and £10 per day to upkeep. You can obtain more chunks by upgrading your town!
How do I upgrade my town?
You can upgrade various aspects of your town by using /town upgrades!
How do I get back to my town?
You can type /t spawn to return to your town spawn!
How do I protect my items?
You can protect your items by claiming the area they’re in! There’s a lot of info on this in /claiming!
I joined an open town, now what?
You can check the /t spawn of the town you joined for possible information on what to do next, or you can contact a ranked member in your town for help on getting started!
How do I upgrade my gear?
You can upgrade your tools and armour by using an Enchanter, a custom machine that applies enchantments to items
What are the custom fish?
Our custom fish are a part of a plugin that allows you to earn money and upgrade your fishing skills! Type /fish menu or crouch and right click your fishing rod for more info!
What is Entropy?
Entropy is a currency used to craft augments in /fish augments. It can be obtained from fishing and gutting custom fishes in /fish gut!
How do I find Fossils, and what are they?
You can find Dirty Fossils by mining, and clean at /warp Archaeologist! Once cleaned, you can discover what type it is by right clicking the Clean Fossil, and then add it to your Fossil Collection for rewards per collection completed!
What is the Bank?
The Bank is a place where you store your money to earn interest on it! You can upgrade your bank to store more money and earn a higher interest! You also claim the money you earned from your Job at /warp Bank!
How do I upgrade/repair enchantments, and how do I get Ancient Coins?
You can upgrade and repair your enchanted books at /warp Wizard using Ancient coins, which are found by digging! You will also find Fragments of Ancient Coins, which you can trade for a full coin at /warp Trading!
How do I gain XP?
To gain XP, you can kill mobs or participate in Envoys, Tasks, Voting, Vote Parties, Piñata Parties and open Reward Crate Keys for XP Pouches, or buy them from other players!
How do I sell things?
You can sell your items in the Auction House, accessed by typing /ah, or open up a player shop by crouching and punching a chest/barrel! Alternatively, you can message in #marketplace on our Discord!
How do I get to my grave, and can other people access it?
You can get to your grave by either teleporting to it or fetching it, both costing £2,000. Graves despawn after 20 minutes along with your items, and if you die again, your old grave will despawn! Your grave cannot be accessed, unless you were killed by another player.
How can I get Crate Keys?
Gaining keys depends on the Crate, but you can participate in server activities such as Envoys, Tournaments or by voting, or if you’re looking for a Mango or Clover key, it might be worth having a look at our Store!
How do I see my rank permissions, and where do I rank up?
You can check /ranks to see when you gain access to certain perks, and to see whether you meet the requirements for ranking up!
Do you have Events?
We usually do Events for Streamers, and we try to aim for weekly Events!
How do I find the Store?
You can find our server store by typing /store in-game, or by going to
How do I apply for Staff?
You can apply for Staff on our Discord when applications are open!
How do I join the Discord?
You can join the Discord by typing /discord in-game and clicking on the link, or using
I need help, how do I make a ticket?
You can always contact online Staff when you’re in-game for general support, or you can create a ticket in our Discord by clicking on “Open a ticket” in the #create-a-ticket channel!
How do I claim my Pouches/Crate keys?
You can claim your keys and pouches in /cr claim!
How do I vote and join VoteParties?
You can vote by typing /v in-game and typing your username in each link (remember to type your name as shown on the tablist)! Then stay online to join our VoteParties for every 75 votes!